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Want to become the future of Telfer? Want to be part of an incredible team of executives?

Interested in working together?….

Then apply to be part of the Telfer Finance Society. This will be the best opportunity for you to get involved in Telfer while learning leadership skills. Applications are open now and they will close on FRIDAY, APRIL 5th at 11:59 PM

Applicants will be interviewed by the outgoing and incoming president.

Apply by using the following form and don't forget to attach your resume :

If successful, will be required to do an interview with the outgoing and incoming president.

    * Please note: qualified individuals may only be required to do the 2nd Stage interview.

 In order for your application to be considered, please make sure you ATTACH YOUR RESUME at the end of the form. Selected applicants will be required to do 1-2 interviews with the incoming and outgoing president. If you have any additional questions, please e-mail Best of luck

The following positions are currently available:

Vice-President of Finance

1. Oversee all the finances of the Finance Society by:

·       Preparation of financial statements and records;

·       Administer accounting system (e.g. budgets, cheque logs, etc.);

·       Administer the Finance Society’s bank account at a designated bank;

·       Submission of all audits with strict adherence to Telfer Student Council standards.

·       Manage funding opportunities

2. Take on Presidential responsibilities in the event the President is absent.

3. Consult with the President on club strategies.

 Vice-President of Sponsorship

1. Update and enhance the sponsorship package.

2. Set goals and deadlines for sponsorship

·       Make cold calls/emails

·       Attend networking events

·       Set up meetings

·       Explore new partnerships 

3. Secure proficient funding for the academic year.

4. Maintain a relationship with sponsors through events and sessions.

5. Continue sponsorship relationships and acquisitions for the future year(s).


Vice-President of Events (x2)

1. Responsible for:

·       Speaker Series

·       Toronto Trip

·       AGMs

2. Must work together to successfully plan and execute events.

3. Determine goals and set agendas for each event.

4. Set and maintain budget and spending for each event.

5. Hosting a small event with another club of their choice.


Events Director

1. Responsible for:

·       TICC

·       Social Nights

·       Membership appreciation events

·       Coordinates additional tasks and strategies with marketing team for membership engagement

2. Determine goals and set agendas for each event.

3. Set and maintain budget and spending for each event.

4. Host finance workshop.


Vice-President of Marketing

1. Responsible for all graphic design needs of the club.

2. Responsible for all social media accounts.

3. Implement and create new marketing strategies.

4. Be available to support and assist all other VPs with their marketing needs.


Media Director

1. Report to and assist the VP Marketing for all tasks related to marketing for the club.

2. Manage all social media accounts and ensure constant activity.

3. Has proficiency with camera work to perform event photography and videography as required.

4. Assist with the creation of posters and development of marketing material.

5. Be available to support and assist all other VP’s with their marketing needs.


Vice-President of Internal Affairs

1. Act as a support position for the Board of Directors.

2. Develop and maintain club website.

3. Manage club email and member retention.

4. Manage board meetings by taking meeting minutes, booking rooms, etc.

5. Act as a liaison between the Finance Society and all our affiliates.


Vice-President of Academic

1. Determine goals, budget, and agenda for the Case Competition.

2. Create connections with participating schools and judges.

3. Work with VP Sponsorship to obtain judges.

4. Delegate tasks to the Director of Academic

5. Build relationships with clubs at partner universities.  

Academic Director

1. Reports and assists to the VP Academic for all tasks related to Case Comp.

2. Be available to support and assist all other VPs.