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Get ready for the vicious hidden tax we haven’t seen in more than a generation

"The market’s recent correction has been blamed on three factors. Investors can’t do much about two of them. First, high valuations after a long and strong bull market mean returns will probably be lower from here. The odds of a happy outcome are simply reduced by the higher starting point. (...)"

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TD Bank wraps up banks' earnings season with 'stand out' results, strong U.S. earnings

"Toronto-Dominion Bank wrapped up a strong earnings season for Canada’s big banks with a bang. TD reported on Thursday that profit for the quarter ended Jan. 31 was $2.35 billion, a seven-per-cent drop from last year. The decline was mostly caused by a one-time, net charge to earnings of $453 million, which was triggered by tax reform in the United States. (...)"

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Money123 – the easy way to be smart with your money

"Money123 is GlobalNews.ca new guide to everything money. We'll start with a six-part series of online articles and continue with a weekly money newsletter delivered to your inbox every Saturday morning. (...)"

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More Bank of Canada rate hikes coming? What economists and analysts are saying

"The Bank of Canada raised its trend-setting interest rate by 25 basis points to 1.25 per cent on Wednesday, citing strong economic data as key factors behind the decision. (...)"

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Ottawa spends $108M on high-speed internet in rural areas even as $750M fund remains dormant

"The CRTC created a $750-million fund to tackle the problem, but more than a year later it is still figuring out a process to allocate the cash. The federal government has doled out more than $100 million so far this year for high-speed internet access in rural and remote areas, money that’s expected to make a dent in the telecom regulator’s ambitious access targets. (...)"

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Wal-Mart's wage hike would represent just five hours of sales

"With about US$57 million in sales per hour, it won't take the retailer long to cover the US$300 million it expects the wage increases to cost. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. jolted the retail industry Thursday by raising its U.S. starting pay to US$11 an hour, a roughly 10 per cent gain from the current level. (...)"

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Best Canadian Stocks 2018: All Stars

"Special praise is warranted for stocks that earn an A in both value and growth, but this year no stock made it to the All Star stocks honour roll for that distinction.  But 14 firms still made it onto the exclusive team by earning at least one A and one B on our value and growth tests. That is the only way a stock can make the All Star cut. (...)"

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CRTC Wireless Code Changes Get Rid Of Unlocking Fees, Add Trial Periods

"Not only does the first of December mean that the holidays are near, but with the new month also comes an update to the wireless code that might save you money on your cellphone bill. (...)"

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The best credit cards of 2017

""Credit card companies are competitive and will go to great lengths to distract you with sign-up bonuses or teaser cash-back rates that vanish after just a few months. How do you find the right card for the long term? We know it’s hard work to find the perfect match, so MoneySense has done it for you. (...)"

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Why you need to spread your money around

"You’re probably over-exposed to Canada. I know I am. Well, here is a word you need to get a handle on: Diversification. (...)"

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Financial Literacy: Canadians Share What They Wish They Learned About Money

"Most Canadians don’t feel confident about their financial planning abilities, and the numbers prove it.

Over half (52 per cent) of Canadians are only $200 away from insolvency, and 31 per cent don’t make enough to cover their bills, according to a recent poll of 1,500 Canadians by insolvency consultancy MNP. (...)"

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5 things you can do today to avoid holiday debt

"When December rolls around, are you reminded of caroling and cheer, or over-spending and tears? If it’s the latter, you’re not alone.

Doesn’t it always seem like, no matter what, holiday expenses overextend your savings? For this reason, the holidays can feel a little bittersweet for some people — thoughtful intentions can sometimes come up against a dwindling bank account. (...)"

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Ten TFSA questions answered

"The TFSA has been around for a while (since 2009 to be exact) and since then we’ve gotten plenty of questions about the investment vehicle. Are there ways you can still face a tax hit when using the account? What happens to a TFSA when you die? Is there a way to reset the amount of contribution room you have? Plus, what’s the max you can contribute in 2017? Flip through to see the answers. Have more questions? Leave a comment! (...)"

How to get to 3 travel spots using credit card points

"Travel credit cards are a great way to earn free flights. We looked at two of the best travel credit cards—the Scotiabank Gold American Express Card and the BMO World Elite MasterCard—to figure out how much you’ll have to spend and how long it will take before you earn enough rewards to travel to three popular destinations. Both of these cards waive the annual fee for the first year, but have different sign-up/spending bonuses and rewards structures.(...)"

Identity theft alert: How 77,000 Canadians lost $99 million last year in extortion, phishing and romance scams

"Experts advise leaving your Social Insurance Number card and birth certificate in a safe place at home, since thieves can do a lot of damage with your name, birth date and SIN (...)"

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New burgers and $1 soda helps McDonald's lure back diners in U.S., Canada and China

"The changes, part of a turnaround plan under Chief Executive Steve Easterbrook, came after Chipotle, Wendy's Co and other chains raised the bar on what consumers can expect from fast food (...)"

Personal Finance Books you Need to Read Now

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Fintech Update: Taking banking into your own hands

"Many customers today expect to be able to deal directly with a company and handle all their transactions online. (...)"

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The four-minute portfolio

"Most people find investing intimidating, but one investor is on a mission to show just how easy it can be. (...)"

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3 ways to improve your credit score

"Your credit score is basically your adult report card. It matters when it comes time to make big life decisions like buying your dream place. (...)"

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Finding winners amid the carnage in retail stocks

"Retail companies that differentiate themselves can not only survive, but thrive, even without a big online presence. (...)"

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Here's why Apple's new iPhone will have an effect on all of us

"Opinion: If Apple's latest device is not a huge success, innovation and competition will be damaged and we will all be worse off. (...)"

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Whole Foods To See Lower Prices As Amazon Finalizes Grocery Chain's Takeover

"Starting Monday, Whole Foods will offer lower prices on bananas, eggs, salmon, beef, and other products. Looking ahead, the Seattle company hopes to give Amazon Prime members special savings and other in-store benefits. (...)"

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Could inflation help grocery stocks survive the minimum wage apocalypse?

"Research from National Bank Financial suggests that shares of Canadian grocers get a lift from periods of higher inflation. (...)"


Debt-ridden Canadians are doing just fine. Their governments, not so much

"A new report from the Fraser Institute suggests that despite record debt, Canadians are being more responsible about their finances than their governments. (...)"

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Millennials in big cities more likely to have no debt, save: survey

"Life in big cities is expensive, so you’d think young people there would be drowning in debt and have little at the end of the month to set aside. But that’s not what a recent survey found. (...)"

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What’s behind the loonie’s rise?

"Canada is booming once again, and so is the loonie, with the currency recently hitting its best level since 2015. It’s up a whopping 10 per cents in the past three months to around 80 cents U.S. That's something few would have believed was possible back at 68 cents in January 2016, or in early May at 73 cents. (...)"

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5 Unappreciated Stocks with High Returns on Invested Capital

"These are difficult times for value investors. Stock prices keep rising as profits stagnateOvervalued stocks such as NetflixNFLX, +1.87% continue to make new highs. Even legendary value investor Jeremy Grantham seems to have thrown in the towel. Goldman Sachs issued a report in June titled 'The Death of Value.' (...)"